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Canadian Prices

2011 Canadian Price List - Boats               Check out our "End of Season" Sale

Model Suggested Retail


Gaspé $1,399 Gaspe Logo Gaspe Kayak
St. Lawrence $1,299 St. Lawrence Logo St. Lawrence Kayak
Georgian Bay $1,129 Georgian Bay Logo Georgian Bay Kayak
Manitoulin $1,025 Manitoulin Logo Manitoulin Kayak
Rudder systems included on all touring kayaks


Muskoka $799 muskoka logo muskoka top
Tofino $749 Tofino Logo Tofino
Nunavut $1,199 Nunavut Logo Nunavut Kayak
Inuvik $815 Inuvik Logo Inuvik Kayak
Nunu $549 Nunu  Logo
Iqaluit $749 Iqaluit logo Iqaluit kayak
Massive Logo


Massive Mojo $945 Mojo Logo Mojo Kayak
Massive Mad Dog $1,049 Mad Dog Logo
Mad Dog  Kayak


Kawartha $999 Kawartha Canoe Logo
Kawartha Canoe

2011 Canadian Price List - Accessories

Footstops Retail
2 rails, 2 pads & hardware $25
Nylon Spray Skirt
St. Lawrence & Gaspé $65
Georgian Bay, Nunu, Manitoulin & Muskoka $65
Inuvik, Iqaluit $95
Large Half Skirt
Fits Inuvik and Iqaluit $80
Nunavut $120
Nylon Cockpit Covers
St. Lawrence & Gaspé $40
Georgian Bay, Nunu & Manitoulin $40
Inuvik, Iqaluit $60
Nunavut $80
Rudder System - can be installed on all kayaks
factory installed $199
as a kit $165
Fixed Skeg
fits Inuvik, Nunavut $35

Splash - aluminum shaft $129
Carbon - Carbon fibre shaft $199

Whitewater Kayaks

Mad Dog

Mad Dog WhiteWater Kayak

Length: 7' Recommended paddler weight: 120 - 200 lb .Standard Features: Adjustable seat, ergo-adjustable thigh braces, 2 security bars, grab loops, molded-in graphics and recessed drainplug.
Width: 25"
Weight: 34 lbs.
Volume: 47 gallons


Snarl at the competition, 'cause the benchmark for freestyle kayak is here! The Mad Dog is designed for optimum slice, hull bounce, acceleration and carving ability. Centralized volume with dramatic balanced taper provide slicey, stable clean ends. The hull features a short broad profile with over 800 square inches of central planing area, 7 inches bow and stern rocker, squash tail, strategically placed hull concavity and dual wing cutaway. To you, this means sky high bounce, silky looseness, predictable lift and precise carving. The ergonomically designed cockpit provides leg angle for maximum control and comfort. Blunt into orbit and clean cartwheel 'til you pass out - the Mad Dog will respond to your every command! Our designer invented and coined the "Green Grind", "Counter Clockwheel" and "Flip Wheel" amongst other moves. Take it from him, while our competition is trying to figure out hulls that'll do this stuff, we're making it OLD SCHOOL! So push the envelope with us. Tame the Mad Dog!!!

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Mojo WhiteWater Kayak

Length: 7' 3" Recommended paddler weight: 130 - 220 lbs. Standard features: Adjustable seat, ergo-adjustable thigh braces, 2 security bars, grab loops, molded-in graphics and recessed drainplug.
Width: 15"
Weight: 34 lb.
Volume: 56 gallons


Mojo Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this boat will get your Mojo working! Designed to c0mbine the fun of a cutting edge freestyle boat with the friendliness of a creek boat, this is the most versatile kayak ever to hit the river! Its centralized planing disc, and full eight inches of rocker with clean release carving tail give the Mojo predictable performance at your favorite play spot. Blunt, cartwheel and Ollie yourself dizzy. Of course, if you have got to run some serious white water to get to that killer wave, then never fear. The even volume taper, broad flare and forgiving lines of the Mojo will give you a stable, fast and forgiving ride! The ergonomic cockpit design and large foot cavities provide optimum comfort and boat control. When you're in the Mojo, the whole river is your playground.

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clearwater design


Hot from our ovens, the new stand up paddleboard, the Nootka. More information coming soon.
Suggested Retail Price $815




Clearwater design

Touring Kayaks

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay
This lightweight design features hard chines for maximum control and carving. Equipped with all of the options available on our full size touring kayaks, the Georgian Bay is a great choice for a small to mid-sized paddler with some experience.

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Length: 14 ft.     Width: 24 in.     Weight: 49 lbs.     Cockpit Size: 34 x 16 in.
Capacity: 250 lbs.  Can. Prices


St. LawrenceSt. Lawrence
The St.Lawrence is our sea kayak for the medium sized paddler. This stable design offers great speed and tracking. Perfect for an afternoon out on the lake or a weekend down the coast. The St. Lawrence will take you where you want to go.

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Length: 15 ft. 6 in.   Width: 24 in.   Weight: 54 lbs.   Cockpit Size: 32 x 16 in.
Capacity: 300 lbs Cdn. Prices


The GaspéGaspé The Gaspe is our solution for the mid to larger paddler. This design offers more volume and leg room. The hard chine hull maximizes control, carving, and speed. At home on lakes and on coastlines, the Gaspé makes light work of the wind and waves.

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Length: 16 ft.     Width: 25 in.     Weight: 56 lbs.     Cockpit Size: 32 x 16 in.
Capacity: 350 lbs.   Cdn. Prices


Manitoulin Manitoulin
The manitoulin offers all of the features of our full sized kayaks in a day touring design. This compact, inexpensive, lightweight design has a soft chine hull which is very stable and ideal for the beginner.

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Length: 13 ft. 6 in.  Width: 24 in.   Depth: 12 in.   Weight: 49 lbs.
Cockpit size: 16 in. x 34in.    Cdn. Prices


New Seat SystemFeatures
All of our touring kayaks have adjustable footstops, carry handles, new seat system, 2 bulkheads, 2 hard hatches, self-rescue straps & extensive deck hardware.

New Seat System
* Contoured base with padded seat cover
* Adjustable tilting back rest with pump up inflatable lumbar support




Recreational Kayaks

New for 2008. Fast and true tracking like our touring designs, this compact kayak will impress you with its performance. Spacious and stable like our popular large-cockpit, recreational models, this design is easy to use and very comfortable. Beginners and experience paddlers alike will love to get out on the water in the new Muskoka kayak

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Length: 11ft. 8 in.    Width: 26 in.    Weight: 45 lbs. Cockpit Size: 34 x 16 in
Capacity: 300 lbs. Can. Prices


The Tofino The Tofino
Whether you are paddling the shoreline at your cottage or riding the surf on the coast, you will absolutely fall in love with this sit-on-top kayak. The Tofino is equipped with a storage compartment with hard hatch cover, self-rescue straps, adjustable footstops, carry handles, adjustable padded seat and deck hardware. This kayak is a favorite with sun seekers, resorts, cottagers and sportsmen.

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Length: 10ft. 6 in.    Width: 29 in.    Weight: 45 lbs.
Capacity: 300 lbs. Can. Prices


The InuvikThe Nunu
This high volume compact recreational kayak is a great beginner boat. It is light, inexpensive, very stable and loads of fun to paddle. The Nunu is ideally suited for rivers and small lakes. If you are looking for a small, maneoverable kayak that you can easily transport then the Nunu is the boat for you.

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Length: 9 ft. 6 in.    Width: 28 in.    Weight: 43 lbs.   Cockpit Size: 34 x 16 in.
Capacity: 250 lbs. Can. Prices


Nunavut The Inuvik is a wide cockpit, recreational kayak suitable for a variety of paddlers. You will feel safe and comfortable in this very stable, spacious and easy to maneuver kayak. The high volume bow and large opening provide enough space for a small child or a pet to ride along. There is also lots of room for fishing or any other kind of gear. Affordability and durability are also key assets.

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Length: 16 ft.     Width: 28 in.    Weight: 69 lbs.    Cockpit Size: 79 x 18.5 in.
Capacity: 500 lbs. Can. Prices

Iqaluit Iqaluit
The Iqaluit is a stable, lightweight recreational kayak with a very large cockpit opening. Smaller and lighter than the Inuvik, the Iqaluit is perfect for small to mid sized paddlers.

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Length: 11'6 ft.     Width: 28 in.    Weight: 46 lbs.    Cockpit Size: 51 x 18 in.
Capacity: 300 lbs. Can. Prices

The Nunu, Inuvik, Nunavut and IqaluitFeatures
Our recreational kayaks are equipped with adjustable footstops, carry handles and deck hardware.

The Nunu, Inuvik, Nunavut and Iqaluit have a rear compartment with a bulkhead, a contoured seat with backrest and padded cover. The backrest in all of our recreational kayaks now have an inflatable air bladder for lumbar support.


Clearwater Design