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Aluminum Docks

aluminum dockHidden Tower Series

Naylor SystemsNaylor Systems offers a wide variety of dock platforms to suit your shoreline needs.

Aluminium Lift Docks provide a permanent system that you simply swing up and out of the water. Our Aluminium Dock Interlock Series gives versatility in configuration.

Wheel-n-Docks roll into the water in the Spring and out again in the Fall.

Individual shoreline requirements may vary. Consult current price list for installation options.

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Welded structural aluminum frame and tower

Hidden Tower
Folds into dock for summer use

Western Red Cedar catwalk on tower dock

Hot dipped galvanized steel cable, pipe leg

Western Red Cedar and Raindrop 2"x6" decking - comes in two-foot panels complete with snap on clips


Our Lift Dock Packages include:

  • 12-foot dock frames
  • Aluminum fold-in tower
  • Hot dipped galvanized support cables
  • Shackles
  • Turnbuckles and fasteners
  • Galvanized steel dock legs & feet
  • Bumpers and dock caps
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superior dock

The Superior Dock

  • 2- 12' Aluminum Frames
  • 6- Dock Legs Galvanized
  • 6- Dock Feet & Claps
  • 2- Corners - Joiner Stip
  • 1- Vinyl Side Bumper
  • 1- 12' Aluminum Frame
  • 2- Dock Legs galvanized
  • 2- Dock Feet and Caps
  • 1- Joiner Strip
  • 1- Vinyl Side Bumper
  • 1- 8' Aluminum Ramp
  • 1- Hinge Set

Available in 4', 6' and 8' widths

Western Red Cedar and Raindrop (exclusive to Naylor Systems and available in Tan, Grey or White)



wheel n dockPortable
The ultimate in ease for rolling in and rolling out along with good looks to compliment your shore.

Structural aluminum frame for convenience, durability and long lasting satisfaction



Interlock Series

Structural aluminum frame for convenience, durability and long lasting satisfaction.

Interlocking Series

Available in 3', 4', 6' and 8' widths and 16' in length.

Non wheeled sections come in 8', 12' and 16' lengths.

Dock Configuration
The interlock design enables docks to be joined together in any design configuration.
This feature is exclusive only to the interlocking series.
2"x6" decking comes in two-foot  panels complete with snap clips.
Dock Leg Holder
Provides telescopic leg adjustment between the dock leg and holder.
The dock leg does not protrude through the deck.
Extruded aluminum side rails provide a crisp, clean, functional appearance.
Interlock Dock Package
2 10' Aluminum extruded frames
4 Telescopic leg holders
4 Galvanized pipe dock legs
2 Corner bumpers
Vinyl side and end bumper
2"x6" Western Red Cedar decking
Joiner strip
Centre Dock Includes
1 10' Aluminum extruded frame
2 Telescopic leg holders
2 Galvanized pipe dock legs
Vinyl side and end bumpers
2"x6" Western Red Cedar decking
Joiner strip